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James 1

#101: Cookbook, Top Gear

Title: Home cooked
Author: tommyboybbi
Fandom: Top Gear
Prompt: challenge 101: cookbook
Rating: g
Warnings: no warnings


James stood in front of the bookcase and was looking for that book. Going through the books, one at a time, he found it, on the third shelf, out of place.

Opening it, he headed towards the kitchen where he already had ingredients laid out to make his meal of choice. It had been some time since he had made this dish, but from his memory it was one of his better meals.

He wanted a good home cooked meal to share with his friends. It was a rarity to eat in, always having take-away. He wanted a good evening.
He and I

Challenge 101: Cookbook

It's time for the 101st week's prompt. I hope you enjoyed the last one!

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