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Challenge 203: Pet Project

It's time for the 203rd week's prompt. I hope you enjoyed the last one!

Last week's entries:

katleept's Original/Unidentified: Roses Covering Their Graves
katleept's Modern Family: Too Cool

Thank you!

And now the new challenge: Pet Project .

You can still suggest prompts here. If you had already done it, you can do it again. And all the previous prompts are always available for writing. Enjoy!

Roses Covering Their Graves (Original; G; #202: Pen)

Title: Roses Covering Their Graves
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Original/Unidentified
Characters/Pairing: This may be venturing a little too far away from strict gen as a romantic pairing is mentioned, *but* there is no indication as to rather it's slash or het. Thereby, I'm presuming, unless told otherwise by the mod, that this is okay.
Rating: G
Challenge: #202: Pen
Word Count: 100
Summary: Collapse )