Glinda (glinda_penguin) wrote in gen_drabble,

#204 Tax

Title: Certainties
Author: Glinda
Fandom: Pusing Daisies
Character/Pairing: Chuck, Ned, Emerson
Rating: G
Challenge: #204: Tax
Summary: The only certainties in life...

The facts were these. Though it is often noted that the only certainties in life are death and taxes, our heroes who frequent The Pie Hole have reason to know that sometimes death can be negotiable. Taxes on the other hand were not so easily circumvented.

With tax season in full swing our heroes found themselves wrestling with paperwork of a most taxing nature. While Charlotte Charles, by dint of being officially dead, was excluded, nonetheless she paid her dues by auditing both Ned and Emerson’s books for them. And secretly and mysteriously, her aunts’ paperwork were processed with them.
Tags: author: glinda_penguin, challenge 204: tax, fandom: pushing daisies

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